Software setup

We assume that Windows 10 is running on your system, and you have basic knowledge in Python.


Ensure that the following software is installed on your computer:

  • Python 3.x, tested with Python 3.6 and Anaconda package
  • IDT SDK (to access drivers, get from distributor)

Supported cameras

OpenHSV currently provides only support for the CCM series of IDT high-speed cameras, but can be extended to your individual case.

Install and Operate OpenHSV

Clone our Github repository and install the openhsv package with pip:

pip install

Run OpenHSV by executing the script.


An easy way to create a shortcut to the OpenHSV software is to create a bat file with the following content:

# Activate anaconda3 environment
call "path/to/activate.bat" "path/to/anaconda3"
# Go to openhsv directory
pushd "path/to/openhsv"
# Execute without showing console
python.exe -u ""

You may then place a shortcut to that file on the Desktop to allow easy access for examiners.

A common problem is that the camera drivers are not found. Ensure that the driver files are either available in the system PATH or directly in the OpenHSV directory. You may need all DLLs from the IDT SDK.

Testing environment

If no camera is available or other parts of OpenHSV should be tested, we supply a dummy camera that loops through the example video shipped with OpenHSV. You only need to change in the file the following line:

from import IdtCamera as Camera


from import DummyCamera as Camera