3D printed parts

We 3D-printed the following parts to fit our needs. Everything was printed in Prusa PLA using the Prusa Mini FDM 3D-printer. We use typically an infill of 15% and 200 um layer size. All parts were designed in Fusion 360.

Endoscope holder

Endoscope holder to store the imaging unit.


Cable holder

Cable holder for light guide and other cables.


Microphone mount

The microphone mount consists of two parts: Part1 and Part2. You further need M3 screws and nuts to assemble it. Depending on your endoscope and the examiner this mount may cause some discomfort in handling the imaging unit.


Droplet protection shield

Also known as Corona shield. It is mounted with M4 screws on the IDT camera to protect the camera. On the side we provide an integrated microphone mount. The microphone cable enters on the side and is then pushed inwards.